VMware – Cannot open dev-vmmon – No such file or directory┬╗ error – Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

After an update for my Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, a new kernel was installed and again VMWare Workstation 16 could not start my Kali VM machine. I got a vmmon error: I’ve been an alternative solution to this problem more than the small workaround of modifying the default kernel to start in the Grub menu.After some Googling I found this script that worked fine. https://github.com/LinuxEuphony/vmware-host-modules-builder-cli The script is pretty simple to

Kali Linux 2022.1 & MacBook M1 Pro – boot issue

In one of the last Kali’s updates a new kernel was installed and now if I try to run it inside my VM app (VMware Fusion and Parallels) for my MacBook Pro with an M1 Pro processor gives an error. While I don’t find a better solution or a new update solves this issue, there is a workaround that can be made to boot again Kali Linux.The fix is just

Shared folder VM – Kali Linux

Enable shared folders. mount_shared_folder.sh $ chmod +x mount-shared-folders.sh$ ./mount-shared-folders.sh