Rengine 2.0 has finally arrived

After some waiting, Rengine 2.0 is here and it comes with many changes: New additions overview: Install $ git clone$ edit .env(Remember to change the Postgres password) $ sudo ./ The first clean installation try gave these issues. Then tried the same migration fix I needed for the old reNgine version. $ docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml exec web python3 migrate After that, a second installation attempt everything was fine.

reNgine: A brief overview

ReNgine is a very complete recon tool that can be very helpful to centralize all your recon in one site. Its main website defines it as: «The only web application recon tool you will ever need!« Currently is capable of performing: Although reNgine can be installed in a local machine, it is recommended to be installed in a VPS. Here, I will show how I installed it in a Digital