Parse Nmap results with Nmparse

Nmparse it’s a shell script that will help you if you need to parse long Nmap results. It can parse .gnmap, .xml, or .nmap port scan files and will generate a CSV list, lists of IPs per port, web URLs, and a summary table. Install $ git clone https://github.com/actuated/nmaparse.git Usage $ nmap -v -p- -A –min-rate 5000 -oA results.txt$ ls results.txt.gnmap results.txt.nmap results.txt.xml –out-dir [path] can optionally be used to

Nmap usage mindmap

List of open ports in your Linux machine

Hi, To obtain a list of open ports in your Linux machine just need to type: netstat -an –inet | grep LISTEN | grep -v Regards,Rubén

Find listening network ports

Hi, To obtain a list of all the open ports of your system and which are the associated applications to them just execute command: netstat -tulp ip or nmap -sT -O ip 9 may 2022 update: As @rogierm points out, netstat is obsolete and its replacement is ss. Then the equivalent command to with ss would be: $ sudo ss -tulp You can read more about this topic here: difference between