Radare 2 install – Mac OS X Code Signing

Hi,As I am a Mac user, I have faced a Mac OS X Code Signing issue. After a little research, I found a site with all needed steps described.The site can be found [here](http://manual.freeshell.org/radare2/osx.md) The required steps are (copy-pasted from this site):Mac OS-X Users need to follow some extra steps to get the radare2 program signed and ready to debug other applications without running it as root.Same happens for iOS

Kali linux 2017.3 released

Hi, A new Kali release (2017.3) has been launched. If you want to check all included changes please read this site If you need to install it from scratch or for a first time, please read the documentation that can be found here. This distro can be downloaded from here. If you have already installed a previous release, execute these commands to upgrade your system to the latest release.# apt

(Solution) How to compile a 32 bits application using a 64 bits linux system with gcc

Hi, In order to be able to compile a 32 bits application if you are using 64 bits Linux,  -m32 modifier needs to be used. $ gcc hello.c -m32 -o hello.out will create a 32 bits application.$ gcc hello.c -m64 -o hello.out will create a 64 bits application. Regards,Rubén

List of open ports in your Linux machine

Hi, To obtain a list of open ports in your Linux machine just need to type: netstat -an –inet | grep LISTEN | grep -v Regards,Rubén

(Solution) How to enable 32 bit support to a 64 bit ubuntu system

Hi, Days ago I found a problem running a linux binary. After checking everything I could, it still couldn’t be executed. I finally realized  that the binary was a 32 bit binary and my system was a 64 bit Ubuntu 17.04After some Google search I found a solution: Enable the i386 architecture (as root user): Install 32-bit libraries (as root user): Regards, Rubén

Find listening network ports

Hi, To obtain a list of all the open ports of your system and which are the associated applications to them just execute command: netstat -tulp ip or nmap -sT -O ip 9 may 2022 update: As @rogierm points out, netstat is obsolete and its replacement is ss. Then the equivalent command to with ss would be: $ sudo ss -tulp You can read more about this topic here: difference between

JSDetox installation

According to its main site JSDetox is a Javascript malware analysis tool using static analysis/deobfuscation techniques and an execution engine featuring HTML DOM emulation. To install it just execute these steps: (These actions have been tested using a Kali Linux installation) Requisites to be able to install JSDetox are: git- ruby- ruby-dev libxslt1-dev- libxml2-dev build-essential It may appear this error: The installation of therubyracer 0.9.8 has a problem and can’t

(Solution) A start job is running for Hold until boot finishes up – Ubuntu

After trying to install the Gnome desktop in my Ubuntu 16.04 I couldn’t boot again my computer after rebooting. When I pressed ctrl+alt+f2 the message: «A start job is running for Hold until boot finishes up» appeared. After a little Google searching I was able to figure out the issue. It was a problem with Gdm. So I had to use again LightDM. To fix it follow these steps: When booting

(Solución) Deshabilitar Network Manager en Debian

Para comprobar si Network Manager está gestionando alguna interface de red  usaremos nmcli. (Viene incluido en Network Manager) Estas instruciones estan probadas en un entorno Debian o basados en él (como Kali Linux) Si en el apartado aparece que un dispositivo esta en un estado de unmanaged no está siendo gestionado por Network Manager, sin embargo si aparece otro valor como connected si que está siendo gestionado. Para desactivar Network

Cuckoo Sandbox Guideline – Preparing the guest (2/2)

This is the second and the last blog post of a whole article to explain how to install Cuckoo Sandbox. If you haven’t read first article yet please read it first here. Preparing the guest: Creation of the Virtual Machine Once you have properly installed your virtualization software, you can proceed on creating all the virtual machines you need to execute the samples. Requirements: Install Python Python is a strict