Find listening network ports

Hi, To obtain a list of all the open ports of your system and which are the associated applications to them just execute command: netstat -tulp ip or nmap -sT -O ip 9 may 2022 update: As @rogierm points out, netstat is obsolete and its replacement is ss. Then the equivalent command to with ss would be: $ sudo ss -tulp You can read more about this topic here: difference between

(Solution) A start job is running for Hold until boot finishes up – Ubuntu

After trying to install the Gnome desktop in my Ubuntu 16.04 I couldn’t boot again my computer after rebooting. When I pressed ctrl+alt+f2 the message: «A start job is running for Hold until boot finishes up» appeared. After a little Google searching I was able to figure out the issue. It was a problem with Gdm. So I had to use again LightDM. To fix it follow these steps: When booting

(Solución) Deshabilitar Network Manager en Debian

Para comprobar si Network Manager está gestionando alguna interface de red  usaremos nmcli. (Viene incluido en Network Manager) Estas instruciones estan probadas en un entorno Debian o basados en él (como Kali Linux) Si en el apartado aparece que un dispositivo esta en un estado de unmanaged no está siendo gestionado por Network Manager, sin embargo si aparece otro valor como connected si que está siendo gestionado. Para desactivar Network

Cómo crear un usuario y añadirlo a al grupo sudoers en linux

Aquí os enseño cómo crear un usuario al sistema y añadirlo posteriormente al grupo de sudoers. Enter new UNIX password: Retype new UNIX password: passwd: password updated successfully

Extract an email attached files from linux command line

To extract all attached object that may exist in an e-mail file (e.g., emailName.eml) an application called munpack can be used. To install this application (I’ve used an Ubuntu/Debian environment) The usage is very easy: