Fixed – [oh-my-zsh] Can’t update: not a git repository.

This week I upgraded my Macbook to the latest version and since the update, I realized that every time I opened a new terminal I had this warning issue from Oh-my-Zsh. [oh-my-zsh] Can’t update: not a git repository. If you search a bit, there are several messages explaining that this error may be due to the application folder has been messed up and the .git folder being lost. It wasn’t

How to fix – Warning apt-key is deprecated

Last week I tried to install Ulauncher into a Linux Mint 21 freshly installed. After installing Ulauncher using: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:agornostal/ulauncher && sudo apt update && sudo apt install ulauncher I got this error: «Warning apt-key is deprecated«. After some Googling, I found this that help me to fix it. Fixing process: $ sudo apt-key list Now, we need to remember the last 8 Hexa digits (99503176) of the corresponding

Obsidian – «EMFILE: too many open files» after upgrading to Obsidian 0.15.6

After the last Obsidian upgrade to 0.15.6 in my Ubuntu 22.04 TLS with KDE, I got a message «EMFILE: too many open files» when trying to run the application whatever vault I tried to open. After searching a bit, I found this webpage where there is a workaround than can used to run Obsidian in the meantime the issue is fixed. You just have to increase the max_user_instances in the

VMware – Cannot open dev-vmmon – No such file or directory» error – Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

After an update for my Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, a new kernel was installed and again VMWare Workstation 16 could not start my Kali VM machine. I got a vmmon error: I’ve been an alternative solution to this problem more than the small workaround of modifying the default kernel to start in the Grub menu.After some Googling I found this script that worked fine. The script is pretty simple to

NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID in Chrome like browsers on Mac OS

Have you ever found a website showing you a NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID error in a Chrome-like broswe (Google Chrome, Chromium, Brave…) in Mac OS?There is no option to accept the risk and continue… There is a nice trick that will let you access it. Ensure the website is selected and type: thisisunsafeThe page will instantly load. Trick found here.

Parse Nmap results with Nmparse

Nmparse it’s a shell script that will help you if you need to parse long Nmap results. It can parse .gnmap, .xml, or .nmap port scan files and will generate a CSV list, lists of IPs per port, web URLs, and a summary table. Install $ git clone Usage $ nmap -v -p- -A –min-rate 5000 -oA results.txt$ ls results.txt.gnmap results.txt.nmap results.txt.xml –out-dir [path] can optionally be used to

[FIX] Grub error: unkown filesystem

These holidays I’ve updated my laptop’s Windows with a dual boot to Windows 11. As I expected something happened and after the first restart I got this message: The Windows update did something bad to my Grub and the selection menu did not appear. After some research I got this fix from these resources: First, you need to find out which partition is your Linux system installed

A solution to «cannot find signatures with metadata for snap» in Ubuntu

Last week I tried to update my Obsidian app from an Ubuntu machine and I got the following error message: ❯ sudo snap install obsidian_0.15.9_amd64.snap A way to fix this issue is by using the –dangerous modifier. ❯ sudo snap install –dangerous obsidian_0.15.9_amd64.snap

Arjun introduction

Arjun is a tool that can find query parameters for URL endpoints. Install $ pip3 install arjun $vim .zshrc $ source .zshrc$ arjun Usage Single target $ arjun -u Specify HTTP method Arjun looks for GET method parameters by default. All available methods are: GET/POST/JSON/XML. $ arjun -u -m POST Import targets Arjun supports importing targets from BurpSuite, simple text file and raw request files. Arjun can automatically


If you try to connect to a remote host using ssh and get a message like this: ❯ ssh ruben@<external_host> You have two possible methods to fix it: Option 1 The warning message shows us that the issue is located in line 39 of the kown_hosts file. Deleting that file should fix the warning. Option 2 ❯ ssh-keygen -R <external_host>