How to check regular expressions

If you want to check if your regular expression is going to catch what you expect it to mach you can rely on https://www.regextranslator.com as a confidence tool. Using: as an example a regular expression from a great regular expression guide from Bugcrowd: How to Regex: A Practical Guide to Regular Expressions (Regex) for Hackers, Automatically you get the regular expression simple English «translation».

How your scanner app can be tested?

Do you want to test your brand new scanner app? How to know if the app detects the vulnerabilities it should? Thanks to Portswigger now we have Gin and Juice Shop. This is a vulnerable web shop where your scanner app can be tested. The application can be found here: https://ginandjuice.shop Happy scan! 😈

explainshell.com – A tool to learn what all the command-line argument means

Have you ever had any doubts about the meaning of the arguments of some command-line tools? https://explainshell.com is a tool where you write the command and it explains you in an easy way the meaning of each of the parameters. For example if you write: ssh -i keyfile -f -N -L 1234:www.google.com:80 host The output of the ths tool will be: Or maybe: cut -d ‘ ‘ -f 1 /var/log/apache2/access_logs

What is my external ip?

This is a small script to know what is our external ip from the terminal.

Obsidian – «EMFILE: too many open files» after upgrading to Obsidian 0.15.6

After the last Obsidian upgrade to 0.15.6 in my Ubuntu 22.04 TLS with KDE, I got a message «EMFILE: too many open files» when trying to run the application whatever vault I tried to open. After searching a bit, I found this webpage where there is a workaround than can used to run Obsidian in the meantime the issue is fixed. You just have to increase the max_user_instances in the

NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID in Chrome like browsers on Mac OS

Have you ever found a website showing you a NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID error in a Chrome-like broswe (Google Chrome, Chromium, Brave…) in Mac OS?There is no option to accept the risk and continue… There is a nice trick that will let you access it. Ensure the website is selected and type: thisisunsafeThe page will instantly load. Trick found here.


If you try to connect to a remote host using ssh and get a message like this: ❯ ssh ruben@<external_host> You have two possible methods to fix it: Option 1 The warning message shows us that the issue is located in line 39 of the kown_hosts file. Deleting that file should fix the warning. Option 2 ❯ ssh-keygen -R <external_host>

How to check if a SSH private key password is correct

This week I needed to verify an SSH private key password as I wasn’t sure if it was the correct password. After some Google research, I found this blog post with the exact solution to my question: How to verify your SSH private key password ssh-keygen -y -f /path/to/ssh_key -y: parameter will help us to verify the password key, checking the private key and printing the public key to the stdout.

Mac OS Finder: Shortcut to show hidden files

To show all hidden folders and files from your Finder you just need to press:

How to delete Git last commit

$git push -f origin HEAD^:master