Merry Catmas 2022!

This week as you can see it’s too cold to get out of here and I’m just waiting for my gifts, so you will need to wait 1 week more for the next post. So, enjoy your catmas!!

Kali Linux 2022.4 released

The new Kali Linux 2022.4 release is here and it brings new features and improvements. Some of the updated in the Desktop version are: As usual, to upgrade your Kali Linux the commands are: Ensure that /etc/apt/sources.list is correct: $ cat /etc/apt/sources.list Then update and upgrade your packages. $ sudo apt update && sudo apt -y full-upgrade After a restart you should can check your Kali version. $ grep VERSION /etc/os-release

Short break

There will not be a new post this week due to the Amsterdam Schiphol chaos with the queues, flight cancellations, multiple hotel reallocations… If we can go back home, hopefully next week you will have a new one again. Sorry for any inconvenience…

Kali Linux 2021.1 Released

The new Kali 2021.1 version has been recently released. The official post can be found here: The summary of the news are: Xfce 4.16 – Our preferred and current default desktop environment has been updated and tweaked KDE 5.20 – Plasma also received a version bump Terminals – mate-terminal, terminator and tilix all had various work carried out on them Command Not Found – A helping hand to say if

Kali linux 2017.3 released

Hi, A new Kali release (2017.3) has been launched. If you want to check all included changes please read this site If you need to install it from scratch or for a first time, please read the documentation that can be found here. This distro can be downloaded from here. If you have already installed a previous release, execute these commands to upgrade your system to the latest release.# apt