Parrot OS 6.0 Revealed

Last week, one of the premier security-oriented operating systems received a significant upgrade to version 6.0.


Main System

  • Debian 12
  • Linux Kernel 6.5
  • Advanced DKMS and Wi-Fi Drivers
  • Updated Pentesting Tools
  • Updated Libraries and Python 3.11
  • Refreshed System Appearance
  • Experimental Containerization for Unsupported Tools
  • Grub Fail-Safe Boot Options
  • Improved Calamares Installer
  • Audio System Switch to Pipewire
  • VirtualBox from Debian Sid

Raspberry Pi Images

  • New Builder for Core, Home, and Security Editions
  • Performance Improvements
  • Driver Updates
  • Support for Raspberry Pi 5
  • SSH Key Refresh Improvement
  • Default Graphics Driver Activation
  • Integration with Raspberry Pi Imager

Alternate Install Script


  • New Tasksel Layout
  • 32-bit Deprecation
  • Parrot-Core Installation Fix

Upgrading from a Previous Version

sudo parrot-upgrade # Run twice
# OR
sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade # Run twice

Now, it’s time to either upgrade your existing system or install Parrot OS 6.0 if you haven’t already. For more details, visit the official Parrot website and explore the documentation site.