BurpSuite ARM64 on Linux using a Macbook M1 Pro

Portswinger has introduced at last an ARM64 version of Burp Suite. From now on it should be possible to install into the new Macbooks.
There is no need to keep using that horrible jar version…

Let’s try it out.

$ chmod +x burpsuite_community_linux_arm64_v2023_4_4.sh

$ sudo ./burpsuite_community_linux_arm64_v2023_4_4.sh

[sudo] contraseña para ruben: 
Unpacking JRE ...
Starting Installer ...

The install path by default will be /opt/BurpSuiteCommunity
Keep enabled the option to create a symlink at /usr/local/bin

Once finished my Kali is able to find using its menu:

And we can launch it.

And finally, we can get rid of the old jar… 🙂

$ rm burpsuite_community_v2023.3.5.jar