Bandit CTF – Level 21

level 20 -> 21

bandit20@bandit:~$ ./suconnect

Usage: ./suconnect <portnumber>
This program will connect to the given port on localhost using TCP. If it receives the correct password from the other side, the next password is transmitted back.

bandit20@bandit:~$ echo "GbKksEFF4yrVs6il55v6gwY5aVje5f0j" | nc -l localhost -p 8080


From other session:

bandit20@bandit:~$ ./suconnect 8080

Read: GbKksEFF4yrVs6il55v6gwY5aVje5f0j
Password matches, sending next password

Password = gE269g2h3mw3pwgrj0Ha9Uoqen1c9DGr