JSDetox installation

According to its main site JSDetox is a Javascript malware analysis tool using static analysis/deobfuscation techniques and an execution engine featuring HTML DOM emulation.

To install it just execute these steps: (These actions have been tested using a Kali Linux installation)

[sudo] gem install bundler\ncd #target-dir
git clone https://github.com/svent/jsdetox.git\ncd jsdetox
[sudo] bundle install

Requisites to be able to install JSDetox are:

  • git- ruby- ruby-dev
  • libxslt1-dev- libxml2-dev
  • build-essential

It may appear this error: The installation of therubyracer 0.9.8 has a problem and can’t be installed.

To solve it execute these steps:

  • gem install therubyracer
  • The rubyracer v0.12.2 ruby package is installed.
  • In jsdetox folder:  ~/jsdetox/
  • Edit Gemfile.
  • Change needed version of therubyracer from 0.9.8 to 0.12.2.
  • Repeat bundle install and the installation will be finished.