IOLI Crackme 0x00 solution


Today I’m starting a new series of post to explain how IOLI crackme\’s can be solved using Radare 2.

Let’s start with level 0x00

root@kali:~/IOLI-crackme/bin-linux# r2 crackme0x00

[0x08048360]> iz
Num Paddr      Vaddr      Len Size Section  Type  String
000 0x00000568 0x08048568  24  25 (.rodata) ascii IOLI Crackme Level 0x00
001 0x00000581 0x08048581  10  11 (.rodata) ascii Password:
002 0x0000058f 0x0804858f   6   7 (.rodata) ascii 250382
003 0x00000596 0x08048596  18  19 (.rodata) ascii Invalid Password!

[0x08048360]> ! ./crackme0x00

*IOLI Crackme Level 0x00*
*Password: 250382**Password OK :)*