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Tag: Ubuntu

Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/) is another process using it?

Hello, To solve this issue when trying to apt-get your Ubuntu Linux use these commands: Option 1: sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/lock Maybe it is also needed…

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How to enable 32 bit support to a 64 bit Ubuntu system

Hi, Days ago I found a problem running a linux binary. After checking everything I could, it still couldn’t be executed. $ ./crackme0x00 bash: ./crackme0x00:…

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Extract an attached file from an e-mail

To extract all attached objects that may exist in an e-mail file (e.g., emailName.eml) an application called munpack can be used. To install this application…

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Find listening network ports

Hi, To obtain a list of all the open ports of your system and which are the associated applications to them just execute command: netstat -tulp …

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Ubuntu 16.04 – A start job is running for Hold until boot finishes up [Error]

After trying to install the Gnome desktop in my Ubuntu 16.04 I couldn’t boot again my computer after rebooting. When I pressed ctrl+alt+f2 the message: “A…


Desabilitar Network Manager en Debian.

Para comprobar si Network Manager está gestionando alguna interface de red  usaremos nmcli. (Viene incluido en Network  Manager) Estas instrucciones estan probadas en un entorno…

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