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Tag: Malware

Cuckoo Sandbox Guideline – Preparing the guest (2/2)

This is the second and the last blog post of a whole article to explain how to install Cuckoo Sandbox. If you haven’t read first…

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Cuckoo Sandbox Install Guideline – Preparing the host (1/2)

Cuckoo Sandbox Install Guideline Cuckoo Sandbox is an open source software for automating analysis of suspicious files. To do so it makes use of custom…

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JsDetox installation

According to its main site JSDetox is a Javascript malware analysis tool using static analysis/deobfuscation techniques and an execution engine featuring HTML DOM emulation. To…

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Cuckoo sandbox install notes part 3 (Windows guest configuration anb web interface)

Hi, This is the last part of this small Cuckoo sandbox installation notes. I assume that virtualbox is installed in the system. Guest isolation You…

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Cuckoo sandbox install notes part 2 (Configuration)

Hi, Here we continue our Cuckoo sandbox installation. Configuration files All important values to modify are in color blue. Other configuration values are not needed…

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Cuckoo sandbox install notes part 1 (Requisites and Installation)

Hello, Today I want to share my notes for a cuckoo sandbox installation. Install requisites Install the basic dependencies: $ sudo apt-get install python python-pip…

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